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Rebecca Syme On Using Your Strengths to Write Better, Faster

December 30, 2019

Today’s guest is Rebecca Syme, creator of the Better-Faster Academy, producer of the Quit Cast for Writers, as well as being an author herself. Rebecca joined me today to talk about how knowing your personality strengths can help you be a more productive writer. Also covered: how to deal with burnout – and how to know when you’re in it.


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Links for Rebecca:

Website: https://betterfasteracademy.com/

QuitCast Podcast: https://betterfasteracademy.com/podcast/

Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast: https://www.rlsyme.com/category/podcasts/

Writing as R.L Syme & Becca Boyd: https://www.rlsyme.com/

Clifton Strengths Assessment: https://www.gallup.com/cliftonstrengths/en/home.aspx


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