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3 Tips For World Building with Maram Taibah

January 13, 2020

Today’s guest is Maram Taibah, a fantasy writer, born in Montreal, Canada. She was raised in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which, at times, was the most unimaginative place. This pushed her to escape into books at a very early age and from there into the craft of storytelling. Her most recent publication is the children's steampunk book Weathernose. Maram is not only a fiction writer but also a screenwriter and filmmaker. In 2014 she made her first short film Munkeer and in 2016, Don’t Go Too Far, both of which were screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner. Maram joined me today to talk about how screenwriting can help you become a more concise novelist, as well as her three tips for world building. 

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