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Laura Hankin On Female Power & A Special Place For Women

Laura Hankin On Female Power & A Special Place For Women

June 1, 2021

Today's guest is Laura Hankin, author of A Special Place for Women. Laura joined me today to talk about female power and how it plays out among women, as well as the idea that "women can't be funny."

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Liesl Shurtliff: Writing As A Job, Not A Hobby

Liesl Shurtliff: Writing As A Job, Not A Hobby

March 19, 2018

Today’s guest is Liesl Shurtliff, New York Times Bestselling author of middle novels Rump, Jack, Red and Grump, and the upcoming Mona Lisa Key, first in the Time Castaways trilogy. Liesl joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about being somewhat unaware of the success of her debut and the transition from writing being a hobby to becoming a job. Also: working in the same world for four novels… taxing on the creativity, or liberating on the world building? 

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Jody Casella: The Benefits of SCBWI

Jody Casella: The Benefits of SCBWI

July 17, 2017

Today’s guest is Jody Casella, author and a former high school English teacher. Her YA novel Thin Space received a starred review from Kirkus. She blogs, reviews books, speaks at libraries and schools, and teaches workshops at the Thurber House in Columbus, Ohio. She is the Regional Director of the Ohio Central/South region of SCBWI. Jody joined host Mindy McGinnis to talk about MFA’s, querying as an already published writer, the benefits of joining SCBWI - the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators - and how attending book festivals geared for readers can also be beneficial to writers. 

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Kurt Dinan: Writing Humor

Kurt Dinan: Writing Humor

May 8, 2017

Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire welcomes Kurt Dinan, author of the YA novel, DON’T GET CAUGHT, which was recently nominated for YALSA’s Teen Top Ten. Kurt joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about how querying is like taking a stick in the eye every day, and how writing short stories helped him be a better novelist. Also covered: how mashups not only help pitch a book, but can also help the author find a key to unlocking their project, as well as the specific struggles of writing humor, and every writer’s worst enemy – procrastination. Lastly, Mindy tries very hard to wheedle him into using social media more, and they talk about things you didn’t know were poisonous, as well as their porn names.


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