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2018 Resolutions For Writers

2018 Resolutions For Writers

January 1, 2018

Host Mindy McGinnis shares 20 New Year's Resolutions for Writers in 2018 - 10 things you should do, and 10 you shouldn't.

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Tara Dairman: Pros of Writing Contests

Tara Dairman: Pros of Writing Contests

July 10, 2017

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Today's guest is Tara Dairman whose debut novel All Four Stars, about an 11 y/o restaurant critic moonlighting for New York’s biggest newspaper was published in 2014, followed by The Stars of Summer and Stars So Sweet in 2015 and 2016. A new standalone middle-grade novel, The Great Hibernation, will hit the shelves on September 12.

Tara joined me to talk about how a contest helped her gain an invitation to query a closed agency, how to navigate social media when your target audience may not be there, and the question of who you write for when you write middle grade – the kids, or the gatekeepers? 

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RC Lewis: Critique Partners - How to Get One, How to Be One

RC Lewis: Critique Partners - How to Get One, How to Be One

March 6, 2017

Guest Sci-Fi author RC Lewis author of Stitching Snow and Spinning Starlight talks with host Mindy McGinnis about how she got her agent and the writing forum that they both credit with helping start their careers. Also, the pros and cons of pitch contests, finished books that remain unpublished, the always changing world of publishing, and the importance of critique partners - how to get one, how to be one, and how to process their criticism.


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