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April 29, 2019  

Today’s guest is Beth Kander, an award-winning playwright and author, the second book in her dystopian epic Original Syn comes out this fall from Owl House Books. Beth joined me today to talk selling a novel to a smaller publishing house on her own, and the risks of writing to the trend, if the trend might stick you in a niche. Also covered: the marriage of business and creativity necessary to make it in publishing, also, how to know which creative medium your story is best suited for.


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A bonus episode for my listeners! I was recently interviewed by my local radio station, and thought I would re-broadcast for you.

Today’s guest is Kit Frick, author of psychological thrillers for teens, as well as a poet and editor. Kit joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about not only the querying process, but the process of knowing her writing was ready to query – and how she got to that place, as well as how different structures can be illuminating for particular stories, and how those same structures are challenges to write.


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October 9, 2017  

Today’s guest is Elsie Chapman, whose work includes the YA Sci-Fi series DUALED and DIVIDED, as well as the upcoming ALONG THE INDIGO. Born and raised in western Canada and a graduate of UBC with a degree in English Literature, Elsie Chapman currently lives in Tokyo with her family. 

Elsie joins host Mindy McGinnis  to talk about how so much of the pain of publishing goes unspoken, the luck of hitting a trend, the downside of that trend falling out of style, writing the book of your heart even when you know it might not get published, and putting together teams for theme focused anthologies.

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September 11, 2017  

Host Mindy McGinnis is joined by Jeff Zentner, author of the William C. Morris Award winning and Carnegie Medal longlisted book The Serpent King (2016). Jeff shares about how his love of music led him into a career as a novelist, drawing inspiration from people in real life to populate the pages of your fiction, and how to effectively write the opposite gender. 

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