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December 17, 2018  

In this episode: How to know when you need to walk away from that draft, steps to take to make sure nothing you write is ever wasted, and some tips for getting unstuck. Also covered: approaches to editing, and when to hire a professional editor. 

October 1, 2018  

Today’s guest is Katherine Locke, author of THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON and the upcoming THE SPY WITH THE RED BALLOON.Katherine joined me today to talk about landing her agent, and how her process of drafting ignores the need to be perfect, putting that responsibility on the editing process. Also covered: data for writers – and why we might not want it anyway – and how Katherine approaches historical facts while working with fiction, plus her process of research while writing.

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July 30, 2018  

A roundup of the month's guest and topics, as well as advice from host Mindy McGinnis on how to self-edit, whittling down your word count when your manuscript has become bloated. 

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