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February 11, 2018  

Today’s guest is Michelle Houts, a fellow Ohioan who also writes across multiple genres. Michelle joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about the importance of letter writing and journaling from a personal perspective, as well as the historical, as these are a primary source for biographers. Also, the importance of a writer having a physical space specifically for creative work. And, how the story will tell you whether it is a picture book, novel, or non-fiction.

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AIR & ASH by Alex Lidell

Sarah Aronson Highlights Workshop



November 6, 2017  

Today's guest is Geoffrey Girard, Bram Stoker nominee and author of CAIN'S BLOOD, PROJECT CAIN, TRUTHERS, and MARY ROSE. Geoff joins Mindy to talk about how losing an agent doesn't end a career, learning craft through writing shorts, how small indie pubs can teach you a lot, and the art of table selling.

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VIAL THINGS by Leah Clifford

June 12, 2017  

Today’s guest is Kim Dinan, author of the memoir, The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules, and a Life Changing Journey Around the World. She has backpacked to over twenty-five countries on five continents. Her love of the outdoors landed her a coveted job on Backpacker Magazine’s Get Out More Tour and has compelled her to climb mountains in the Himalayas, raft frigid rivers in Patagonia, and walk five hundred and fifty miles across Spain on her own. Her popular travel blog, So Many Places, was named one of the best outdoor blogs by USA Today and has been featured online by such sites as Huffington Post and BuzzFeed.

Kim joins host Mindy McGinnis to talk about the difference between querying fiction and non-fiction and her need to write that started with a blog, and culminated with a memoir, as well as writing the truth in non-fiction even when it’s not flattering to yourself or others, and trying not to take reviews personally when you write memoir. Also, Kim’s journeys around the world and her take on active motherhood.


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